This is Where I Leave You

Caution: May contain spoilers

I read this bad boy in less than 24 hours – that’s how much I loved it. I even went to the library today to check out two more books by Jonathan Tropper, I’m hoping they’ll live up to this one!

This novel tells the story of the Foxman family, as told by one of the son’s, Judd. After the death of their father, Judd and his siblings, Wendy, Paul and Phillip, come together at the family home to sit shiva, a Jewish tradition after death. Despite the fact that spending seven days in the same house will be extremely difficult and complicated for them, they agree to do it, believing it to be their father’s dying wish.

Throughout the novel, we see the characters grow and change over the course of shiva. Judd, who is trying to come to terms with the discovery of his wife cheating, is feeling kind of hopeless when all of this happens. His older brother Paul is taking over the family business, while he and his wife struggle with their inability to conceive. Phillip, known as the family screw up, shocks everyone by showing up with a much older fiance, who is also his former therapist. And Wendy is trying to raise three children with a semi absent husband, while battling her own issues with growing older. Their mother is also having her own personal struggles, while dealing with the loss of her husband. Their dynamics as a family are.. strange. But they’re warm in a way that’s believable, and has you growing attached to the characters. They’re also conflicted, and genuinely screwed up. They also have a lot of sex and get into a lot of fist fights. And there’s weed involved.

It’s definitely an entertaining read! This book has a lot to offer, some parts of it really rang true with me, and I’m sure they will with you too.

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So close

To being done exams that is! I wrote my Anthropology/Sociology/Psychology exam yesterday, and had English this morning. I have tomorrow and the weekend off, then World Religions on Monday. Then I’m off for the whole summer! Could not be more excited to be done. Although that does mean a full weekend of studying for me, but I can push through for 9 weeks of freedom!

Speaking of my 9 weeks of freedom, I have a couple goals this summer.

Summer Bucket List:

  • Get really fit (I’m currently doing Insanity – more on that later!)
  • Practice at least 5 days a week (I’m bringing my bass home, and just bought a new box of clarinet reeds)
  • Read 3 books a week
  • Go to the beach
  • Run a summer road race
  • Go on a road trip – even if it’s just for one day
  • Go to a farmers market
  • Go to Steppin’ Outs summer series
  • Spend a whole day in my bathing suit

That’s obviously not everything I want to do this summer, just a few things I’m really looking forward to. I’m also hoping to get a job this summer, so if that happens, some things may change.

Back to today!

My exam was from 9:30-11:30, so I wasn’t really sure what to eat. Thanks to exam nerves, I forgot to take pictures today, but I’ll do my best.

Breakfast was peanut butter on toast. It looked a lot like this:


Post exam snack was a granola bar and an apple, and around 1 I ate the other half of my BLT from Subway. I figure you know what all of those things look like. I was planning on having spaghetti for dinner, but we had a wicked thunderstorm and the only thing that felt right was curling up in my pajamas with a bowl of soup. So that’s what I did! It looked like this:


Now I’m going to take the rest of the evening off, read a good book, and head to bed early!

Oh and also I did Insanity’s “Insane Abs” today and oh my gosh I hurt all over.


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Look what I got!


That’s right! A brand new iPhone 4! My Blackberry finally started to fade on me, and I figured instead of paying a ridiculous amount of money to have it repaired, or replacing it with yet another Blackberry (I’ve had 4) I’d switch to team iPhone! I’m so thrilled about it! I’m already finding myself pretty addicted. Especially to Temple Run… oh that game, we’re gonna have a love hate relationship, I can feel it!

So you can definitely expect more frequent posts now that I’ll be able to blog on the go!


(Say hello to the best friend Dana!)

– Caileigh

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Well hi.

Hi everyone!

I’m Caileigh (pronounced Kay-lee), and welcome to my blog! If you’re interested in learning more about me, or what my blog is about, feel free to check out my About page.

I’ve made various attempts at blogging before, but have never been very good at keeping it up. I do have a moderately hipster, typical teenager Tumblr, and if anyone is interested, I’ll send you the link. However, I’ve been following a lot of healthy living/fitness blogs, and it inspired me to start one of my own!

My fitness goals don’t have anything to do with weight, I’m perfectly happy with my body the way it is. But I’m an extremely competitive person, and my biggest competition is myself. I’m always striving to train harder and do better, so my goal is to do just that!

I know that I will be documenting my exercise here, and recapping races. I’ll also be sharing recipes, and things like that. As of right now, that’s all I know. I’m not sure if I want to share my daily eats (they’re honestly not that interesting), or how much I will be blogging about the musical. I guess I’ll just be figuring it out as I go!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll stick around!

Caileigh 🙂

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